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Dermatology & Laser Center of Laguna Niguel
by: Matt Biberman
Dr. Lorrie makes every visit to her office enjoyable.
Dr. Lorrie makes every visit to her office enjoyable.

Having scars or blemishes on your skin that won’t go away can be a nuisance at best and can even become embarrassing. Living with unsightly skin conditions can impede anyone’s normal day to day life if their circumstance is bad enough. Dr. Lorrie Klein at the Dermatology & Laser Center in Laguna Niguel, however, has 9 best in class lasers to treat countless different skin conditions including hair removal.

Dr. Lorrie’s Dermatology & Laser Center also has a spa for patients which makes going to her office more relaxing and enjoyable than going to other dermatology clinics. Lorrie tries to make every visit to her offices as enjoyable as possible.

The Dermatology & Laser Center does Botox as well as cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse. The cosmetic fillers allow Dr. Lorrie to use her artistic abilities to re-shape and smooth a patient’s face without the use of surgery.

“My patients know that I care about them and that I love what I do,” said Dr. Lorrie when asked what keeps her patients loyal to her. “We joke around with each other and get to know each other and it makes their visits enjoyable.”

Dr. Lorrie has had her practice and truly loves her work so if you would like a more personal experience from your doctor rather then just feeling like a number, give Dr. Lorrie a call.


949.363.1788 | 30201 Golden Lantern #B Laguna Niguel, CA |

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