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Top 10 Ways to Say "I Love You"
by: Barbara Neal Varma
Show your love with a weekend get-away or an at-home dinner.
Show your love with a weekend get-away or an at-home dinner.

Throughout the romantic ages, those with love on their minds have confessed those three magic words to the objects of their desire. “I love you.” Here are ten ways experts suggest spending quality time with your Valentine this year:

1. Spend a day off together. Devote the entire day to being with each other; doing all the things together you normally don’t have time to do. (Note: this doesn’t mean chores.)

2. Take a second one-day honeymoon. Even if you don’t stray too far from home, you can still book a honeymoon suite at a swank hotel and treat each other to the spoils of luxury. There are plenty of beachside cottages available in February right here in Southern California. Take advantage of the off season and turn on the love.

3. Take a second week-long honeymoon. Same idea, just make it last a few days longer. How nice it will be to not have to trudge in to work the Monday after.

4. Play a game. Hey, what type of game is completely up to you and every other consenting adult, but the point is to have fun with your mate. Loving hint: let the other win. He or she will thank you for it and be willing to go another round of playtime fun.

5. Cuddle up to the movies. Take a break from the crowded theatre and rent a few DVDs for at-home entertainment. Make some microwave popcorn and break open the pizza and you’ve got a good old fashioned love nest movie fest.

6. Whisk him or her away. Love is nothing if not full of surprises. Rent a snazzy car and whisk your Valentine away for a surprise trip to the beach, or a romantic dinner, even a get-away weekend in Las Vegas or beyond.

7. Beat it to a bed & breakfast. B&B’s were made for quiet, romantic V-day get-aways. (That’s why many of them don’t have TVs.) You can book a room for one wonderful day and night with your love, and best yet: breakfast is served.

8. Make a custom music CD. Collect all of your love’s favorite songs and record them onto one CD for some quality playback time. He or she will especially appreciate the custom disc cover: a picture of you two together under a loving inscription.

9. Re-live Valentine’s Day in grade school. Pretend your partner is the cute girl across the aisle back in your sixth-grade class and give her a stack of kids-style Valentine cards to show how much you like her, more than Nintendo, even. Slip some of those tiny “be mine” candy hearts into her purse, her combs drawer, or on top of her iPhone.

10. Give gifts that endure the test of time. If your lady love likes antiques, give her some heirloom antique jewelry to grace her jewelry case. She’ll enjoy the thought – and the time you took to find her the treasure.


Barbara Neal Varma is an award-winning writer who has written for Image, Cup of Comfort, Kaleidoscope, and various other magazines and literary journals. Her essays have won awards from Writer’s Digest, the National Writers Association and Anthology magazine. Contact Barbara directly at

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