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Curb Calories While Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth
by: Shawn Ferrando
For a slimmer silhouette, avoid consuming empty calories.
For a slimmer silhouette, avoid consuming empty calories.


Q: What is your opinion on granola bars? Are they considered a healthy snack?

- F. Raton, Mission Viejo, CA

A: On the contrary to what most people believe, granola bars are not always the healthiest choice. I would highly recommend reading the ingredients and checking the overall grams of sugar in each bar. Most of these bars are packed with sugar and are nothing more than a candy bar. Granola products can also be high in fat as well.

I have seen some granola bars that have more calories than a regular candy bar. Look for any bar that has less than 5 grams of sugar per bar (not per serving). Your best bet is to buy real natural, no sugar added granola from the market. This might not taste as good as the sugar filled granola bars but its much more healthier for you.

There are so many quick and healthy snacks to choose from. You just need to make the decision to make smart snack choices. The best snacks are ones that include healthy nutrient dense foods that are unprocessed whole foods that provide you with energy through out the day. You should never need to grab a bag of potato chips, box of cookies, candy bars or products high in sugar. These types of foods are all empty calories and lead to fat gain and out of control insulin levels, which make you feel tired and sluggish. Your body needs clean fuel, so give it nutrient dense foods instead.

For the sugar fix, try adding an apple or some fresh berries to the granola, which will make a great healthy snack! Other good healthy snack foods include, air popped popcorn, nonfat cottage cheese, frozen grapes, orange and apple slices, hard boiled eggs, sugar free jello, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, nonfat and frozen yogurt (low in sugar), chicken breast, tuna and hummus.

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Owner of Shawn Ferrando Studio Fitness, Shawn Ferrando, has over 24 years professional experience in the health and fitness industry. Shawn has numerous National certifications including the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy Of Sports Medicine Advanced Specialization Sports Fitness Specialist, National Academy Of Sports Medicine Certified Core Stabilization Training, O.C.C. Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer, Apex Certified Trainer, AA Nutrition Education, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Indoor Cycle Certification. Shawn has extensive experience in rehabilitation training (post injury/pre-post surgery), sport specific training and is CPR/AED Certified through the American Heart Association. Shawn is also a member of the world’s largest associations of Health and Fitness Professionals, Idea Health and Fitness Association and the American College Of Sports Medicine. To contact Shawn directly, please email her at

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