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Public Works Director Ken Montgomery Retires
by: Nicole Melissa

Public Works Director/City Engineer Ken Montgomery is retiring from the Laguna Niguel city staff after 19 years of service to the City of Laguna Niguel. City council members congratulated Ken on his retirement and shared fond memories of this dedicated serviceman at the Laguna Niguel City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

Some of Ken’s accomplishments for the city included implementing artificial grass turfs in two sports parks in Laguna Niguel, which allowed children to play soccer on fields that weren’t torn up, upgrading the type of asphalt used in streets, and successfully running the city on primarily a contract-basis to keep expenses for service employees low. Ken has also been an active member of the Laguna Niguel Rotary Club and is well-liked by his colleagues and friends.

Ken’s colleagues are throwing him a retirement party at the end of the week. His replacement Dave Rogers, the former Deputy Director of Public Works and Traffic Engineer is already acclimated to the city staff environment and is ready to take over for Ken. Mr. Montgomery will be dearly missed by his colleagues on city council and staff.

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