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City Council Votes to Extend Ban on Medical Marijuana Shops
by: Nicole Melissa

The Laguna Niguel City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to extend the current ordinance banning Medical Marijuana dispensaries in town for an additional 10 months and 15 days.

The emergency ordinance was originally declared on July 7th prohibiting the establishment of medical marijuana shops until August 21st.

The city has issued a “study of zoning regulations needed to alleviate the current and actual threat to the public health, safety, and welfare” to determine what they will do beyond this 10 and a half month period about the issue. 

Over 15 people have expressed interest to landlords about opening medical marijuana dispensaries in town, and the city is concerned about the threat of increased crime that would come with the introduction of these dispensaries in the safe city of Laguna Niguel.

The issue, according to one city staff member, is “more complicated than anticipated” and they are watching what the city of Anaheim decides on September 23rd about a similar issue in their town.

The city opened a public hearing, allowing citizens in town to speak, but very few people were present in the audience and no speakers chose to comment on the issue.

It is unclear whether the citizens in Laguna Niguel are uninformed, apathetic, or else in total agreement with the city council on this issue.

It is difficult to imagine life in Laguna Niguel with medical marijuana shops; we will see what the results of the following months produce in terms of zoning regulations and whether these shops will begin popping up around our suburban town.

What do you think? Leave your comment here.

Comment by Sam Beigi 8/31/2009 4:13:00 PM

I am a long term residence of LN and would like to see that the city concil consider opening up these type of business in our community. If the liquire shops and pharmacies are allow to do business in the city of LN so as the medical Marijuana has to be given equal business opportunity. Thru extensive research Medical Marijuana has been proven to be safe and effective way of treateing certain cronical desieses. Thank you Sam B.

Comment by Victor Herlacher 8/23/2009 10:08:00 AM

Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Laguna Niguel will open the door to all kinds of problems. Specifically, how would this help or be a positive benefit to this community. Unfortunately the focus and treatment today is on treating the symptoms rather than treating the cause of the symptoms. Victor Herlacher, M.D.

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