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Off to Sin City? Think Twice Before You Drive
by: Evan Jones
If traveling by car expect a delayed arrival.
If traveling by car expect a delayed arrival.

If you’re planning a Sin City road trip any time between now and October, you might want to find another form of transportation as the 15 Freeway will be closed for at least two hours each Tuesday and Thursday for the next 10 weeks.

Both southbound and northbound lanes on the I-15 will be undergoing construction for an estimated 11 hours starting at 10 a.m. for those two days.

Vegas bound travelers are encouraged to kill time in Baker if driving and Vegas vacationers returning to Orange County are advised to wait at Stateline.

So whether it’s an end-of-the-summer escape mid-fall getaway, News-n-Views advises O.C. Vegas-destined travelers to leave your automobiles at home and travel via plane or train.

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