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What Did Pregorexic Mom Expect?
by: Nicole Melissa

This past June, a Laguna Niguel women admitted on Momlogic, a blog for mothers, that she had starved herself (consuming only 800 calories and working out three hours a day at times) during pregnancy over 20 years ago (see related article above). She received horribly negative commentary from other users, ranging from being thankful that she was not that another user’s mom to calling her selfish, among other explicit names. My only question is, what did this mother expect when admitting her story to the whole world online?

This woman claims she has forgiven herself for what she did, which is healthy considering it happened over 20 years ago and her children survived. If that is the case, though, then why is she just now admitting it to everyone on a mother’s blog? Considering the way people typically react to any controversial story online (when there’s a commentary feature available), it seems to me that this mother was setting herself up to be hatefully criticized and blamed. What was the point of admitting this to the world when she had to know what they would think? Did this mom really not know how bad of a crime she committed until she released it online and received over 170 comments, mostly about how bad of a deed she did? She had already released her story in newspapers and on TV, but hadn’t gotten this much feedback. I wonder if this really came as a surprise.

I always understand wanting to admit your guilt to someone to get some comfort and ease the pain, but I usually figure it should be somebody you trust such as a close relative or a priest – not the whole internet, with the way they judge. It seems to me like this woman would be better off focusing on her career as a Marriage and Family Therapist (which I hope she’s succeeding at, considering her past) and family life and not re-hashing past instances with the world of internet moms. Pregorexic mom, you got the feedback you wanted, now it’s time to move on.

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