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4 Foreclosure Sales in Mission Viejo
The following is a list of homes that have sold due to foreclosure in Mission Viejo. News-n-Views retrieves this data from public records each week.

Most Mortifying Moments Revealed
Run-ins with the law are never good—especially when you’re caught in the middle of a messy lie! See how one woman’s potentially innocent encounter with the cops went terribly awry!

Turn Back Time on Your Body’s Most Tell-Tale Asset (PLUS: Why a Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t Always Enough)
For some, a solid night’s sleep isn’t always the answer to looking refreshed, so if you’ve been hitting the sack for a full eight hours and still rise with a little less shine, then read on, because our beauty specialist has the cure-all to your fatigued-looking face.

South O.C.’s Only Homemade-Style Café Gets Recognized for “Mom's” Feel-Good Comfort Food
When there’s nowhere to go, traffic on the freeway and your to-dos outweigh all of the things you actually want to do, Chocolate Forest might be the perfect getaway.

What to do When Working Out Isn't Working Out; 3 Things That Trigger Quick Results
If hitting the gym has only helped you lose your social life rather than the unsightly fat that has made a semi-permanent home in your thighs, butt, and belly, then chances are you’ve yet to be informed of the 3 imperative (and easy) tips that trigger immediate results. Our health and fitness guru reveals the “golden rules.”

Crime in Your Neighborhood
Do you know where your kids were last weekend? Well, if they were past curfew and didn’t have a convincing alibi, they just might have been rendezvousing with the law. Drunk, stealing, and runaway juveniles kept the town on their toes. See which terrorizing teens made OCSD’s list.

Did You Know? O.C. Heiress Donates 200-Year-Old Inheritance
She may be a high-class heiress, but when it comes to philanthropy, this Rancher is as down to earth as it gets. See what 200-year-old inheritance this successor gave away.

Crime in Your Neighborhood
Moms weren’t the only ones with a spotlight last weekend. Runaway juveniles, drunken delinquents, fighting families, $15,000 bail bonds, and burglaries unfortunately took precedence over flowers, cards and Mother’s Day festivities (for the OCSD, at least.) See what else went on last weekend.

Did You Know? The 101 on Mission Viejo's Rustic Roots...
From cattle country to suburbia, find out how one of South County’s main master planned cities started out.

Legendary Locals: From Bullets to Blueprints
After serving two tours in Iraq, O.C.'s "citizen-soldier," Christian W. Murdock, travels back to Mission Viejo to enjoy his freedom and fulfill his dream as an urban planner.

O.C. Foodies in for Flavorsome New Concept; Restaurant Puts Creative Slant on Soup and Salad
When you’re sick of salad and you want a new spin on soup, head to the place where colorful cuisine collides with exotically foreign cooking techniques to create a meal unlike anything O.C. has ever seen!

Detox Dieting Dos and Don’ts: The Facts on Getting "Fit" Too Fast
In the world of losing weight, getting fit, and staying slim, those seeking skinny want to get the job done—fast! So what do you do when you’ve weighed out working out and decided that dieting doest yield the right results? Detox. But be careful, because this too-good-to-be-true trend is capable of harming your health. See why.

You’ve Lost the Pounds, Now How Do You Lose the Skin? How to Chisel a Newly Fit Frame
If your problem lies in losing excess (and ugly) saggy skin rather than losing unwanted weight, then our very own health and beauty expert might just have the info you’ve been waiting for. Get the 101 on how to chisel a newly fit frame.

Most Mortifying Moments Revealed
Meeting the in-Laws is always a little intimidating, but for this Mission Viejo woman, it was unbearable, and unfortunately, unforgettable! See how an accidental run in with a soon-to-be Mother-in-Law tainted a reputation and almost ruined a wedding!

Lake MV Yacht Club Helps Conquer Cancer
It’s the largest charity event known to sailing and it’s taking place right here in Mission Viejo! In an effort to conquer cancer, the Lake Mission Viejo Yacht Club has decided to host the Leukemia Cup Regatta 2010. The all-day event will feature boat racing, poker runs, silent auctions, and dinner, so mark your calendars and head down to the lake for this can’t-miss charity event. Come connect with your community and support a worthy cause!

MV Canine Enthusiasts Prep Pups for O.C. DAWG Walk
The Dedicated Animal Welfare Group and the city of Mission Viejo have paired up to put on the ultimate display of animal adoration. The upcoming DAWG Walk will feature a pet contest, entertainment, and much more so save the date and come prove that your pet is part of the family, too!

Community Calendar
Looking for something to do? If your calendar is looking a bit sparse don’t worry, because we have a few local events that will spruce up your schedule!

Cinco de Mayo is Here! Don't Miss Out on These 6 Feisty Fiestas!
There’s no better way to kick off the month of May than with a holiday centered on good food, great music, and feisty fiestas! Cinco de Mayo is only a say away, so if you need something to do you’re in the right place because we have 6 super extravagant events for the whole family to enjoy!

Did You Know? Mission Viejo's Must-See Scenery
Peaceful, pretty, and the perfect place to put your feet up, these Travel Channel worthy parks are just a hop, skip, and a car ride away! See which rest and relaxation hot spots have made our list.

World’s Weirdest Foods
“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!” Seven forbidden words that will ensure the demise of any U.S. restaurant owner may in fact put another gold star on an over seas café's already raved-about rating! See which disgusting dishes made our “most terrible” Top 10.

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