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What You Loved About Last Week
We wrote them, you loved them, and now we’re showing you where they stand. See how last week’s articles ranked.

Café’s Low Calorie, “Made From Scratch” Menu Raises the Bar for O.C. Eats
Eating healthy is trendy. Unfortunately, so are budgets. So how to you tolerate trend when what’s most in style is a bad economy? Two words: Neighborhood Grill. While maintaining the family feel they’re famous for, this brilliantly blasé restaurant has weaved low prices with homemade low calorie, low carb cuisine—so good that one visit just won’t suffice.

Crime in Your Neighborhood
The gloomy weather wasn’t the only thing casting an eerie feel over Rancho Santa Margarita last weekend. Terrorist threats and arrests invaded OCSD police reports. Take a look at what other uncanny incidents officers responded to.

Fashion: Heavy Hitter Department Store Opens at Fashion Island
Orange County’s go-to place for fashion, food, and al fresco fun just got even better. Newport’s new Nordstrom is the third major department store to open its doors to the trendy shopping hub, and this Friday the new, improved, all-encompassing one-stop shop goes public.

SMCHS Hosts Sneak-Peek Screening of World-Famous Soccer Film
Mark your calendars because the film that will make you have a whole new appreciation for soccer and its athletes is premiering at SMCHS this Friday. Come see how 25 countries and thousands of players interpret the sport in the captivatingly entertaining documentary, “Pelada."

Burn Belly Fat While You Eat! 15 Foods That Shed Pounds For You
If you want to lose weight but don’t want to do the work, then go ahead—sit back, relax, and…eat! Eat your way to a better body with these 15 fat-fighting foods.

O.C. Surgeon Takes on Intricate Surgery to Correct Man's Shocking Facial Deformity
A few weeks ago he was in Mexico, letting his face slowly surrender to a cancerous lesion that had been eating away at his nose for years. Today, 71-year-old Manuel Garibaldi is recovering in Laguna Hills from a surgery that will change his appearance—and his fate. See how a local RSM surgeon stepped in and save his life.

Pastor Rick Warren Speaks in RSM
Famed church founder, author, and global public speaker, Pastor Rick Warren, is heading to RSM for his inspirational, can’t-miss “Perspective on Leaving a Spiritual Legacy” seminar. Space is limited so get the details and make your free reservation.

O.C.'s Skin Care Clinic Blasts Cellulite; Conquers Beauty Blunders A to Z
Upgrade your barely-there beach bod at O.C. raved-about beauty hot spot, where targeting everything from shedding inches, to shedding cellulite, to shedding years off facial appearances is their forte.

Did You Know? RSM Restaurants "Reuse" Food
RSM is making it okay for kids to disobey their mothers, because if you want to leave the dinner table and can’t clean your plate, simply hand it over to a local restaurant—the safe haven for uneaten food scraps.

Legendary Locals: O.C. Woman Dodges Daily Attacks
Jacky Velasquez is only 29, but she’s lucky to have lived this long. The young Anthropologist has a grueling day job, where fatal animal attacks are simply part of her job description.

Most Mortifying Moments
As much as they tried, the women of RSM just couldn’t refrain from being branded a victim—of humiliation that is! See why a trip to the ER and an atypical morning commute made these unlucky ladies consider house arrest.

JourneySafe Walk-a-Thon Honors Zach Raffety
SMCHS student Zach Raffety lost his life a year ago in a fatal car crash, and in hopes of raising awareness of the staggering 6,000 teens who lose their life to reckless drivers, JourneySafe is hosting a walk-a-thon at SMCHS this weekend.

Trans-Fat-Free Café Puts Healthy Twist on "Comfort Food"
Now you can indulge on burgers, fries, and yes, even nachos, without having to deal with post-consumption guilt! Featured on KTLA, ABC, and Good Day LA, this casually, convenient restaurant allows to you to pamper taste your buds while staying loyal to your diets and kind to your wallet!

Crime in Your Neighborhood
RSM may be picture perfect, but every city has their flaws, and this and this week it came in the form of a burglary, drag racing, a missing woman, and oddly enough, illegal pinecone throwing. If Easter brunch left you out of the loop, read on, because we have the details on these uncanny events.

Fashion: Where High Fashion and Low Prices Rendezvous
It’s 40,000 square feet, it sells everything from Louis Vuitton to lower-priced labels, and it’s all discounted! Famous for their dramatically reduced designer duds, this newly opened store has O.C. fashionistas in a wardrobe-inspired whirlwind.

Scandalous Statistics on the Surgery Every Woman Wants
For decades, women around the world have undergone surgery to enhance their most feminine feature—a concept all too familiar for the average Orange County beauty-driven female. But is going under the knife safe? Listen up as our very own beauty doc gives insight on implants and augmentation.

How to Get a Noticeably Toned Body in Just One Week
Spring has arrived—and it’s brought a nuisance of a friend: the dreaded sleeveless tee, short skirt, swimsuit season. Getting fit and doing it fast is a must, and luckily, we have a step-by-step guide on how to do it! Get the scoop on how to get visibly toned in just 5 days.

Most Mortifying Moments
As much as they tried, the women of South Orange County just couldn’t get through the week without being awkward (to say the least!) See how a lunchtime mishap and major wardrobe malfunction made these ladies beg, "why me?!"

Did You Know? RSM's Uncharted Territory
Well, it's not quite as mysterious as it sounds, seeing as how over 5,000 people call it "home," but when you look on a map, chances are, it isn't there. So what is it, and more importantly where is it? See for yourself.

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