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News-n-Views is for local businesses that need to build their brand fast and quickly drive customers through their door to jump start sales, even when the economy is slow.

Contact your local sales rep for advertising rates in your town.
  • Irvine (40,000+): Stacy Flier (949) 295-7702
  • Mission Viejo (20,000+): Stacy Flier (949) 295-7702
  • Rancho Santa Margarita (15,000+): Stacy Flier (949) 295-7702
“Business has been booming ever since I started advertising with News-n-Views. Hanna’s is the busiest it has ever been and I see new faces in my restaurant day after day. I’ve advertised with other places before but never have I experience such results. News-n-Views works.”
-Hanna’s Restaurant and Bar

“Since advertising in News-n-Views, we see and continue to see new customers everyday. In addition, our website traffic has increased. No other type of advertising has been this effective dollar for dollar.”
-Celinda’s Mexican Restaurant

“Because I know my clients very well, I can easily tell when someone is new. When I ask the strange faces how they found out about us, 99.9% of the time they reply, ‘News-n-Views.’ I love it.”
-Daily’s Sports Grill

“I’ve gotten so much exposure since putting an ad in News-n-Views. I definitely have regulars, but within one month I was seeing new people. Some said they had never heard of Yogzie’s until News-n-Views.”

“Results have been so successful for me that I even paid for an advertisement for a friend’s company, just because I knew it would help out his business. He was struggling in sales, but after two months of advertising in News-n-Views, his sales are better than ever.”
-Dr. Bunkis, Orange County Plastic Surgery
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